Frederike A. Garré

Frederike A. Garré

Founder and Director of ThePhilartist GmbH

Frederike A. Garré is a high spirited entrepreneur, a passionate art lover and a responsible world citizen. Born and raised in Germany, she completed her BA in International Relations from Marymount Manhattan College, a liberal arts college in the heart of New York City.

During her time in NYC, she had the privilege to learn how civil societies function in the world's leading international NGO hub. She satisfied her curiosity for art by exploring the city's rich art scene. Her experiences in the social, political and economic platform of the big apple showed her that diplomacy was essential in preserving world order.

To explore more of the world of diplomacy, she decided to move to the city of diplomacy Geneva to pursue an MA in Diplomacy from The Geneva School of Diplomacy. Having met and worked closely with diplomats, politicians, NGO representatives, business leaders and artists from all around the world coming from different backgrounds, she decided to launch her first initiative Private Collection Traveling in 2013 where she introduced flourishing artists from America with venues in Europe.

In the last 4 years, Garre's company organically transformed itself into an organization where international art and philanthropist meet and established “ThePhilArtist.” ThePhilArtist has turned into a platform where all forms of philanthropy work meet with artists, scientists, teachers, civil society leaders, government bodies along with the business world. As the founder of ThePhilArtist, Garré's vision has lately shifted towards supporting innovation and technological development in the medical research and her passion has transformed into providing better opportunities in today's challenging environment. Garré is currently working diligently to help support scientists, researchers, activists, professors and leaders to bring the best that could be achieved for the well-being of human kind and societies.