• Development of a micro stimulator easely implantable to nerves by endoscopic approach, without need for cable-extension, and small enough to be implanted also in children (spina bifida)
  • Clinical studies in spina bifida children and SCI people

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  • Introduction

    The wide array of specialty fields and diverse branches of medicine along with ever increasing knowledge has been responsible for the continuous division of medicine into increasingly specialized fields and sub-divisions.

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  • In-body-Functional Electrical Stimulation

    There is a long history for the therapeutic use of electrical stimulation. More than 30 years ago Functional Electrical Stimulation (FES) was developed as an orthotic system to be used for SCI patients.

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  • Indications

    The LION procedure to the pelvic nerves in the treatment of children with spina bifida.
    “In-body-FES” in people with spinal cord injuries

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  • Literature Footnotes

    In-body-Functional Electrical Stimulation - Literature Footnotes

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